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Taking action to protect consumers
You could be owed up to £500

Thank you for visiting CALL (the Collective Action on Land Lines). CALL is led by Justin Le Patourel, who is seeking compensation from BT on behalf of 2.3 million residential landline (‘home phone’) customers who have been overcharged. If you are one of these customers, we believe you could be owed up to £500 in compensation. In total, we think the claim against BT could be worth nearly £600 million.


In 2017, Ofcom, the UK's telecoms regulator, found that BT had been overcharging millions of its residential landline ('home phone') customers since at least 2009. As a result, Ofcom said BT should reduce its charges for these customers. In April 2018, BT agreed to drop prices by £7 per month, but it did not compensate customers for the excessive prices they paid from 2009 to April 2018. In addition, some of BT's customers (those who purchased landline and broadband services but not as part of the same package, and those who use their landline for business purposes) were excluded from the April 2018 price reductions and are still being overcharged today.

CALL has been created to campaign for compensation from BT.