Latest Update: Deadline to opt out 11 November 2022


If you are an affected consumer or the appointed personal representative/administrator of an estate of an affected customer, and you were living in the UK on 27 September 2021 and you want to opt out of the class, you must inform us.

You can complete an Opt-Out Form here. This will ask you to confirm the following statement: “I want to opt out of the collective claim against BT Group Plc and British Telecommunications Plc, Case No. 1381/7/7/21” , and provide your full name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

If you prefer, you may also opt out by sending a letter with the information listed in the previous paragraph. To assist you with this, a sample Opt-Out Letter is available here.

If you would like to be sent a stamped addressed envelope to submit your Opt-Out, please send an email with your postal address to or call 0333 212 1617. Please send your letter to:

CALL Claim Opt Outs
PO BOX 13188

If you are a personal representative or an administrator of the estate of a Landline-Only Customer or an Unbundled Customer, you must also provide the following proof that you are entitled to act on behalf of the estate:

  • A copy of the Grant of Probate authorising you as personal representative (i.e. an executor of a will); or
  • A copy of Letters of Administration authorising you to act as a court-appointed Administrator; or
  • A copy of the death certificate of the affected customer, a copy of the will authorising you to act as personal representative on behalf of the estate, and a copy of your identification such as a passport, driver's licence or national identity card. If you wish to use another form of identification, please contact us on the phone number below stating your proposed form of identification and leaving your name and telephone number, and we will get back to you.

Your Opt-Out Request (and any relevant documents listed above) must be received or postmarked by 11 November 2022. Once we have processed your Opt-Out Request, we will send you an acknowledgement by email if you have provided an email address or by post if not.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION By opting out, you will not be able to receive a payment from this claim if money becomes available. However, you may be able to bring your own separate claim against BT for the same issues, provided you do so within six months of the date on which you opt out. If you do not file an individual claim against BT within this timeframe, your claim will be ‘time-barred’, meaning that the time permitted for you to bring an individual claim will have passed.